Random Facts You Might Not Have Known About Ticks

Anyone who has spent much time in the outdoors during the summertime has probably encountered a tick at least once in their lives before. These small, hard-to-see insects can be a real annoyance, hiding in the yard in the heat of the summer, just waiting for a warm body to latch onto so it can begin sucking blood. Ticks aren't picky, either. They are more than happy to feed off humans or even pets.

We all know that ticks are pesky, tiny, and can even carry various diseases on occasion. What you may not have known, however, is some of the lesser-told facts about ticks, which we can explore together below.

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Did You Know…?

Ready to begin your further education on ticks? Here are a few simple facts about ticks that you may not have thought about before:.

·    There are actually two types of ticks. You may have already known that a good amount of ticks are hard-headed, but there are also a family of soft-headed ticks you may not have been aware of. Hard-headed ticks belong to the Ixodidae family, while soft-headed ticks belong to the Argasidae family.

·    Ticks don't actually jump onto prey. You may have heard that ticks perform some kind of jumping act to accost their prey, but this isn't true. Instead, they rely on a technique known as "questing," where they stand waiting with their first pair of legs at the ready to attach onto a passing potential host.

Ticks are one thing you don't want to deal with every year. You'd much rather enjoy your yard in peace without having to worry about searching yourself (or your kids, or pets) down for tick bites every time you walk through the door. If you have a tick problem at your home, you should consider contacting your tick control wilmington professionals so you can get rid of the problem quickly.